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Our first Virtual Tour- in collaboration with four beautiful concert venues, performing famous favourite classical and romantic pieces!

Hello Friends,

We hope you are all well and safe! 

The past few months have been very difficult for our orchestra as we have had no clarity on when we can perform LIVE again, and when we can meet you all again. Unfortunately we are not able to organise concerts in front of socially distanced audiences as revenue from limited-seat audiences would simply not be enough for us to cover expenses. Times are difficult for all performing arts…However, we need you- and we hope you need us!

We have kept our inspirations, ideas, and hopes alive during lockdown and have been working very hard on a project for months now: our FIRST VIRTUAL TOUR!

After countless hours of work over the summer right through the London heatwave in July, after exchanging dozens of video files with our artists and videographer, after dealing with a damaged hard drive resulting in the loss of ALL project files, after trying hard to find a specialist to retrieve the files with no success –we are delighted to have the project ready ON TIME!

All of the artists featured in this project volunteered their time and talents, and these spectacular venues opened their doors to welcome us unconditionally (no income for them for now). We have created a beautiful musical tale which we would like to share with you.

It was pleasure filming at

St Paul’s, Covent Garden
Old Royal Naval College
Anatolian Civilizations Museum – Ankara
Montauto Castle-Tuscany, Italy

Your financial help and support for us in these difficult times is very appreciated. You are helping us keep the magic alive! 

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