Sponsor London Film Music Orchestra

The London Film Music Orchestra is funded principally through member subscriptions and concert ticket sales. However, we also rely on additional funding, such as corporate sponsorship. Funds raised through sponsorship opportunities allow us to continue to present specialised concert programmes to our audiences. Funds are allocated to the cost of venues, professional musicians and score purchases, as well as to securing film music repertoire copyrights.

For our sponsors, our website and concert programmes provide several opportunities to bring your organisation to a wider audience, potentially generating new customer leads. The is also a chance to enhance your organisation’s reputation in the community through sponsorship of the arts. We have several Sponsorship Packages designed to mutually benefit our corporate sponsors as well as the London Film Music Orchestra. The sponsorship program has been designed to allow businesses, both large and small, to partner with us.

Sponsor London Film Music Orchestra with our sponsorship packages. They start from as little as £500 and benefits range from having a named “chair” in the Orchestra, through a presence on the Orchestra’s website and social media channels, complimentary concert tickets, to the possibility of selecting one of the concert pieces.

Sponsor London Film Music Orchestra
Sponsorship opportunities London Film Music Orchestra